I think if there’s one expression that describes the work of Jann Halexander best, it’s inner calmness, and that goes for both his music and his films. This is of course all the more remarkable because Jann is never one who shies away from difficult themes, including homosexuality, race and political statements – all this is actually the core of his work, and his films are full of sex and violence. But his approach to these things is refreshing inasmuch as he isn’t sensationalizing his films’ topics but rather gives them a lyrical quality – and exactly because his approach is so unexcited, there is much more depth to his work, and his films as well as his music have a sort of instant timelessness to them … without being anything less than relevant in today’s world. I think this is partly because he makes very personal films and very personal music, something that comes from his heart, which is why, provocative as his stories may be, an overabundance of special effects, an overabundance of musical tracks, would seem out of place – if two man in a forest or a singer and a piano is all that you need to make a story work, why use more – but that said of course, it still needs a visionary writer, director or musician to make this work … and this of course is the major achievement of Jann Halexander, which also makes his work so unique and unmistakable, like a world all of its own.

Mike Habelferner