ALTERITE par Pablo Korsakov

Jann Halexander
The Abduction
[english translation : E.M.A]
As a young child,
He already used to be visited by weird ones
And black eyes under the moon
And fear of the dentist
Thinking he was alone
He buried his memories
And so the pain was,
And so the pain was...
Once in the mirror
She then reminded
On her skin, strange signs that had appeared
And as she reminded everything, she wanted to tell all
To her beloved, but Alas he was iron-hearted
O shut up
You don't know what's between us
Everynight my heart...
Is beating wildly
I won't sleep under the open sky
The doctor kindly tells him
« It's just your imagination »
He believes him sometimes
Denying reality
They would think he's a fool
They would think she's a fool
These visits are a shame
And now we must sleep
Then during a cold night, alone,
In the countryside
A high light in the sky
But not a star
A light was making a fool of him
He locked himself in his home
And since then, he hasn't been out,
Afraid by the night...
music & lyrics : Jann Halexander
© Lalouline Editions