20 février 2018

Jann Halexander - The Abduction #english #translation

Jann Halexander The Abduction [english translation : E.M.A] As a young child, He already used to be visited by weird ones And black eyes under the moon And fear of the dentist Thinking he was alone He buried his memories And so the pain was, And so the pain was... Once in the mirror She then reminded On her skin, strange signs that had appeared And as she reminded everything, she wanted to tell all To her beloved, but Alas he was iron-hearted O shut up You don't know what's between us ... [Lire la suite]
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02 janvier 2014

The blogger Mike Habelferner talks about the singer and moviemaker Jann Halexander

  I think if there’s one expression that describes the work of Jann Halexander best, it’s inner calmness, and that goes for both his music and his films. This is of course all the more remarkable because Jann is never one who shies away from difficult themes, including homosexuality, race and political statements – all this is actually the core of his work, and his films are full of sex and violence. But his approach to these things is refreshing inasmuch as he isn’t sensationalizing his films’ topics but rather gives them a... [Lire la suite]
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